Deliver an engaging experience

Embed widgets, use multi-touch gestures and take advantage of the rich media experience.

In addition to using all the features of a traditional book, you can add:

  • video and audio
  • multiple-choice quizzes
  • pop-over windows
  • three-dimensional panoramas
  • HTML5 content
  • animation
  • scrolling sidebars
  • pan and zoom features
  • interactive galleries.

A rich media experience

Repurpose a print title for iBooks from

$10 per page

Start from scratch

Nikki M Group can help shape your ideas into professional products. Our facilities include:

  • editing
  • design
  • publishing advice
  • project management.

Sell your book on the
Apple iBooks Store

iBooks lets you browse books and download them directly to your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Contact Nikki M Group if you need assistance publishing to the iBooks Store.

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  • Repurposing an existing title for digital distribution?
  • Developing for multiple platforms or technologies?
  • Want to include interactivity?

Repurpose an existing title

By repurposing a title you can update and add features that just aren’t possible in print, and make your title available to a global market. Nikki M Group provides services including:

  • design and layout
  • file extraction
  • typesetting
  • interactivity
  • widget creation.

This is a real opportunity to develop content that maintains great design and typography. You can also find your place early and compete in a growing market.

Quality graphics and a rich engaging experience.

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We offer a full publishing service to create and publish to the Apples iBooks Store.


Talk to us about creating a partnership where we can bring data to life with visuals.


Deliver quality graphics and a rich engaging experience for mathematics and technical publications.