Nikki M Group have facilities for any type of mathematics publication. We have typeset a diverse range of projects including:

  • student books
  • homework books
  • teacher companions
  • bridging workbooks.

We prepare files for output for a range of devices including:

  • full colour
  • one- and two-colour
  • black and white.

During production we maintain standards, manage colour and preflight according to output requirements.

Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales: Chapter opening

Signpost Mathematics: Typesetting, illustration and production for print.

Layout design and template refinement

You can request Nikki M Group to analyse, refine and set-up your design in preparation for production—we also offer a design service. Our experience provides know-how and understanding that greatly improves:

  • handover of edited files
  • style and consistency
  • production methods
  • project management
  • allocation of responsibilities.

Our focus is on both quality and productivity.

Nikki M Group offers a complete service for mathematical publications.


Nikki M Group specialises in typesetting mathematics for educational publishers. Our experience covers primary, secondary and senior mathematics. We offer services for both print and digital.

Production workflow

Nikki M Group has developed unique methods that have been purpose-built for typesetting mathematics including:

  • style guides for infographics
  • libraries of generic design elements
  • software for importing images and equations

Production method

Mathematical equations

A typical mathematics, physics or science book can contain thousands of equations. Equations can be laborious to construct and manage. Chapters on topics such as algebra are particularly notorious.

Nikki M Group has designed a workflow for equations that cuts out re-keying. The workflow can also output to the preferred format for both print and digital mediums.

Text and equations

Details are super important when typesetting mathematics. Good spacial abilities are needed to clarify mathematical arrangements in text, paragraphs and lists. Nikki M Group take great care to maintain high standards when typesetting:

  • equations
  • super- and subscripts
  • mathematical symbols
  • fonts and character qualities
  • pagination
  • margins, sections and text boxes.

Information graphics

A large part of typesetting mathematics is sourcing and creating infographics (charts, diagrams, shapes and graphs). Our services include:

  • creating new artwork
  • corrections
  • file extraction
  • restyling / retouching
  • conversion
  • colour management
  • graphing equations.

with style

Style guides for infographics
and technical illustrations from


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Mathematics in HTML

Nikki M Group creates web pages for mathematics. Using LaTeX, MathML and MathJax, we generate equations using code, not images, which means all equations in a web page remain editable and easy to update.

We have set-up workflows and converted full-length student books (600 page approx.) to HTML.

Technology is rapidly changing and we offer a flexible service to meet this demand.

Conversion from print

Nikki M Group converts print titles to HTML from programs such as:

  • FrameMaker
  • InDesign

Paragraph and character styles can be mapped out to CSS and image quality can be controlled to improve legibility of technical illustrations. We combine a variety of technologies including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MathML
  • MathJax
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Our goal is to convert print material so images, infographics, text and equations display better than the original.

Pearson Mathematics: Print converion to web pages

Pearson Mathematics: Conversion of student books into web pages.

Web design

Nikki M Group has over 12 years’ experience in typesetting mathematics for print. This experience allows us to bring our design skills over to the web. The medium has changed but the way mathematics is displayed and communicated is still based on the same principles.

For an example, see Rational numbers.


MathJax creates beautiful mathematical equations in HTML. Render equations on screen without the need for images, special fonts or plug-ins. MathJax is an open-source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers and mobile devices. Equations can be:

  • different sizes and colours
  • displayed block or inline
  • printed from your browser.

Powered by MathJax

Print management

Taking care of the technical requirements and logistics of book printing:

  • print scheduling
  • quality control
  • shipping and insurance
  • preflight and press check
  • soft and hard proofing.

Working with our preferred network of printers means you can:

  • source the most appropriate printer
  • get quality printing by specialised book printers
  • save on printing costs with competitive pricing
  • have books shipped to a storage location or distributor.

Book printing

Large-volume offset

Cost-effective print solutions ideal for large-volume projects such as:

  • hard-wearing textbooks
  • glossy full-colour student books
  • books with embellishments
  • two-colour STEM publications.

Why use us?

Project managers

Nikki M Group offer a complete service including typesetting and illustration.


Nikki M Group has a wealth of experience in educational publishing and is always looking to extend our services.


Prepare your manuscript using Microsoft Word with Equation Editor or MathType and we can convert to HTML.


“My involvement with the team at Nikki M Group spans more than 10 years. I am always impressed with the team’s efficient time management, precise typesetting, creative design skills, file management, know-how and clear communication. The editorial and production process always runs smoothly, and problems are solved collaboratively as they arise.

Nikki M Group has a wealth of experience in instructional design, and an awareness of the pedagogy that underpins the content when laying out a page. In particular, the team has technical expertise in using scientific symbols and mathematical formulas in MathType, InDesign or FrameMaker.”

Liz Waud, Managing Editor, Overton Editing

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