Typesetting and design

Nikki M Group specialise in producing long documents including:

  • annual reports
  • mergers and acquisition documents
  • initial public offers (IPOs)
  • corporate publications
  • investor presentations.

We are renowned for our attention to detail and quality document set-up including:

  • concept development
  • text and layout
  • typesetting
  • information graphics.

Front cover of Norhtern Silica Bidder's Statement

Northern Silica Bidder's Statement, King & Wood Malleson.

Creating reports

Talk to Nikki M Group about your publishing requirements. We have efficient workflows for any stage of your project.

  • Developing concepts to be rolled out across multiple documents.
  • Following brand guidelines or using style guides to create a consistent identity, look and feel.
  • Setting up styles and templates that are thorough, clean and technically sound.
  • Producing documents that are accurate and well-structured.
  • Combining imagery, colours, fonts and graphics in a way that improves visual communication.
  • Using technology to automate processes to save time and effort.
  • Copy editing and proofreading to maintain industry standards.
  • Blacklining software so clients can compare revisions/versions.
  • Preparing documents for output to print or digital mediums.

Working to deadlines

Nikki M Group understands the urgency financial documents often face as a result of market pressure and shareholder demands. Investment banks, lawyers, board members, and regulators all have a stake in meeting deadlines. As part of our service we are always open to fast-tracking projects and allocating resources – even outside regular business hours.

Fast-track your propject with extended hours.

International clients

Maximise value and time. Australia is in the opposite time zone to the UK and North America. Projects can be finished overnight (our day time)—doubling your capacity.

Talk to us about being a strategic resource for your organisation.

Request a quote

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Talk to us about your project.

  • Need to design a report for print and digital?
  • Applying a corporate identity or using a style guide?
  • Developing marketing collateral or reusable templates?

Production standards

Nikki M Group produce documents that are structured and use styles to control design elements such as:

  • colour
  • fonts
  • tables
  • paragraphs
  • characters
  • objects
  • master pages
  • table of contents
  • cross references
  • conditional text
  • interactive links
  • variables
  • running headers
  • footers.

Applying styles makes it easier to typeset documents and to obtain precise and accurate results. It also helps to make timely changes or when reshuffling information.

If you have a project with special technical requirements, which is difficult or perhaps time consuming, talk to Nikki M Group about finding a solution.

Print management

Talk to Nikki M Group about managing your print production:

  • format, shape and size
  • paper stock
  • binding
  • colour management
  • offset or digital
  • embellishments
  • quantities.

Working with our preferred network of printers means you can:

  • source the most appropriate printer
  • get quality printing
  • save on printing costs.


Large-volume offset

Cost-effective print solutions ideal for large-volume projects such as:

  • hard-wearing publications
  • glossy presentation booklets
  • projects with embellishments
  • sales, marketing and promotion
  • text-heavy reports.

Fast track your project

Branding and identity

Nikki M Group understands the investment you have in your brand. We can create reports implementing your style guide requirements.

Extended hours

Nikki M Group knows timelines for document delivery are critical. We are able to fast-track the process and work outside regular business hours.


We understand the necessity for your legal team to track each version produced. We use blacklining software to streamline this process.


“A big thank you for your work on our Bidders Statement. The finished product looks great and really appreciate the hard work over the weekend to meet our timetable.”

Martin Boland
Taurus Funds Management Pty Limited