Project management

Mathematics publishing services

Nikki M Group manages the production of maths resources for educational publishers. We provide project management at each stage in the publishing process.

  1. Consultation
  2. Pre-production
  3. Production
  4. Handover

We evaluate:

  • scope of work
  • production planning
  • technical solutions
  • quality assurance
  • risk management.

A designer holding the maths book open, showing the opening page spread of chapter 3. The left page is a rich burgundy colour and displays a large number 3.

Sadler Mathematics was designed and typeset for Cengage Australia. The series consists of 10 textbooks with 3032 pages in total.


For new projects, pre-planning can be a great way to save time and costs. Talk to us about your project, we provide consultation services for assessing:

  • specialised skill sets
  • key stages and milestones
  • efficiencies in production
  • capabilities and capacity.

Benefit from our maths know-how and publishing experience.


We offer planning at all stages in the publishing process. We audit projects to establish:

  • skills sets
  • deliverables
  • timelines
  • costings
  • responsibilities.

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We manage publishing services for publishers who need to create educational resources:

  • writing and content development
  • editing, copy editing, proofreading and answer checking
  • design, typesetting and illustration.


We identify key milestones and prepare detailed schedules, outlining:

  • who will be responsible for each deliverable
  • what items need to be delivered
  • when they are due.


Scheduling is a critical part of project management. A detailed schedule allows everyone in the supply chain enough time to do their job well, and will factor in contingencies to ensure your deadline is met. During the project, your schedule will be updated and resources deployed to ensure on time delivery.


Nikki M Group understands that clients want to be able to forecast budgets and reduce costs. By collaborating with us during the planning stages, we can identify how we can implement efficiencies.

We provide written proposals that contain a scope of work, from which the budget will be created. An itemised budget ensures all elements are included and creates a realistic cost forecast.


Project briefing
and handover


Making choices and
forming direction


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Price list

Download price list for publishing mathematics. Contact us for a formal quotation.

Resourcing skilled staff

Identifying specialised skill sets and sourcing personnel.

Price on arrangement

Formal quotation

Project summary, fully scoped statement of work, deliverables and pricing.


Publication plan

Defining book structure, page plan and extent.

From $800


Advice, guidance or technical support. In person, phone or via video conference.

$200 per session


Identify project milestones, timelines and deliverables.

From $500

Text design

Design sample of internal pages.

From $1500

Prices are in Australian dollars and are GST exclusive. Prices are to be used as a guide and are not considered a formal quotation.

Project management for mathematics


Increase your capacity to create a complex mathematics series.


Get formal quotes outlining schedules and budgets.


Talk to us about developing quality educational resources.

Common questions

What project management experience do you have?

For over 20 years, Nikki M Group has worked with Australian and international publishers to create educational materials for mathematics. Our clients include Pearson Australia, Cengage Learning and Marshall Cavendish Education.

I have a maths project in progress, can you help?

Nikki M Group can takeover project management for a maths series in progress. We can quickly evaluate where the project is at and identify what steps need to be taken to ensure successful delivery.

Book a consultation to get your project moving.

Do you have experience liaising with maths book printers?

Nikki M Group is an experienced print manager and can source book printing in Australia or offshore. We can also liaise and with your chosen print vendor.

See print management services.

Do you provide services to international publishers?

Nikki M Group is strategically located in Melbourne, Australia, and is perfectly placed to provide publishing services to local and international clients. Benefits in using our publishing services include:

  • efficiencies working across time zones
  • we are safe place to do business
  • we have a highly-skilled workforce.

Melbourne is the design capital of Australia and most of all, you will enjoy working with us.