Preparing maths content

Nikki M Group works with educational publishers to prepare, improve and develop content for publishing.

Our editing services include:

  • structural editing
  • copy editing
  • proofreading
  • answer checking
  • preparing manuscripts.

Editors who specialise in mathematics

Nikki M Group specialise in mathematics. We have extensive experience working on math for Australian and international curriculums.

  • Australia (F–12)
  • United Kingdom (1–13)
  • North America (K–12)

Structural editing

Structural editing involves looking at the project in its entirety to develop:

  • opportunities – content that adds value
  • possibilities – strategies for enhancing learning outcomes
  • suitability – solutions for achieving the project’s objectives.

We work in consultation with you to make important analytical judgments on:

  • effective delivery of ideas
  • clarity of mathematical concepts
  • appropriate tone and language
  • integration of curriculum standards and learning criteria
  • appropriate language level for the intended audience.

Specialising in editing mathematics.

Preparing manuscripts

We prepare manuscripts for publishing by:

  • formatting text into workable and styled templates
  • formatting equations for typesetting
  • creating artwork briefs for photographs, illustrations, tables, charts and graphs
  • producing blackline masters to suit content and style guides.

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Copy editing

Our copy editors prepare content for publishing, checking for grammatical accuracy, readability and consistency.

Reviewing content for:

  • clarity, understanding, sense and fluency
  • cultural sensitivities
  • gender bias or discriminatory language
  • inclusive language.

Checking mathematics for conceptual errors and logic.

Preparing manuscripts by:

  • formatting mathematical expressions
  • conforming to house style
  • creating an editorial style sheet
  • applying paragraph and character styles
  • creating and/or reviewing artwork briefs.


Proofreading plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of math content. Our proofreading services include checking:

  • spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • design, layout and style
  • formatting
  • document structure
  • hyperlinks and URLs
  • cross-check linked components, such as table of contents, indexes, glossaries and references.

Answer checking

Ensuring the quality and accuracy of any math project, our answer checking services include:

  • checking steps in worked examples to ensure they are correct and logical
  • checking answers to questions and removing any ambiguity
  • providing the correct solution or alternative answers where necessary.


Project briefing
and handover


Making choices and
forming direction

Any output

Smartphone, tablet,
desktop or print

Editing mathematics for education


Nikki M Group has an experienced team to develop a mathematics series.

Project managers

We offer consultation services to plan and schedule your project.


Ask us to help you prepare your manuscript or illustration artwork briefs for publishing.

Common questions

What is the cost of answer checking for maths?

Cost is always dependent on the volume of content to be checked. We can review a sample of your content and provide an estimate prior to commencement.

Talk to us about how you would like to start.

Do you work with MathType?

All our editors are experienced MathType users who will ensure all equations are correctly formatted for use in Microsoft Word or a learning management system (LMS).

Can you prepare a manuscript for our creative team?

Our editors are experienced in getting manuscripts ready for design, layout and typesetting teams. The manuscript can be marked-up and artwork briefs prepared.

Contact us for a formal quotation.

Are you able to edit content to a structured template?

Most of our projects conform to a specific structure. We can use your template or create a template for your project.

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Can you amend mathematical ideas for different grade levels?

Our editors have in-depth curriculum knowledge and are able to edit text using appropriate vocabulary and mathematical terms for each grade level.

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