Publishing services

Nikki M Group provides publishing services for creating educational resources.

Our key services include:

  • content development
  • editing
  • answer checking
  • graphic design
  • typesetting
  • illustration.

Project management

For large projects with multiple components, we provide project management. This can include:

  • consultation
  • planning
  • scheduling.

Nikki M Group offers a complete service for publishing mathematics.

Content development

Nikki M Group develops mathematical resources for Australian and international curriculums. Our authors write for primary and secondary education and have experience in:

  • creating and modifying content to address curriculum standards
  • developing comprehensive, engaging and differentiating student and teacher resources.


We offer a full range of editing services:

  • structural editing
  • copy editing
  • proofreading
  • answer checking
  • preparing manuscripts.


A manuscript can contain thousands of equations. We can help you with:

  • creating equations and formulas
  • formatting in Microsoft Word
  • preparing equations for print.

Print management

Nikki M Group prepares files for print and provides print management services. We provide technical assistance and logistics to:

  • source the most appropriate printer in Australia or offshore
  • get quality printing by specialised book printers
  • save on printing costs with competitive pricing.

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  • Producing a publication or learning resource?
  • Developing content for print or online use?
  • Need editing, design and illustration services?

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Publication design

Designing maths books – primary, secondary and senior mathematics books for education. Our publishing experience provides know-how for developing:

  • internal text design
  • layout design
  • editorial design
  • template refinement
  • style and consistency
  • visual communication.


We specialise in typesetting mathematics. Our experience covers primary, secondary and senior mathematics, providing:

  • layout design
  • formatting and styling
  • visual communication.


A large part of typesetting mathematics is sourcing and creating illustrations (charts, diagrams, shapes and graphs).

Our mathematics illustration services include:

  • style guides
  • creating artwork
  • graphing equations.


“My involvement with the team at Nikki M Group spans more than 10 years. I am always impressed with the team’s efficient time management, precise typesetting, creative design skills, file management, know-how and clear communication. The editorial and production process always runs smoothly, and problems are solved collaboratively as they arise.

Nikki M Group has a wealth of experience in instructional design, and an awareness of the pedagogy that underpins the content when laying out a page. In particular, the team has technical expertise in using scientific symbols and mathematical formulas in MathType, InDesign or FrameMaker.”

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Realising ideas and
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Price list

Download price list for publishing mathematics. Contact us for a formal quotation.

Formal quotation

Project summary, fully scoped statement of work, deliverables and pricing.



Identify project milestones, timelines and deliverables.

From $500

Publication plan

Defining book structure, page plan and extent.

From $800


Advice, guidance or technical support. In person, phone or via video conference.

$200 per session

Creating illustrations

Creative artwork, diagrams and infographics.

From $10 each

Text design

Design sample of internal pages.

From $1500

Prices are in Australian dollars and are GST exclusive. Prices are to be used as a guide and are not considered a formal quotation.

Melbourne is a great place for publishing

Nikki M Group is strategically located in Melbourne, Australia, and is perfectly placed to provide publishing services to local and international clients.

Melbourne is the design capital of Australia.

  • Home to some of the region's best educational institutions.
  • A diverse multicultural city of over the five million people.
  • Ranked the world’s most liveable city seven years in a row, 2011–2017.

Coop's Shot Tower, Melbourne Central.

Coop's Shot Tower is located at the heart of Melbourne. Built in 1889, it now sits under the glass roof of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.

Developing mathematics for education

Project managers

Nikki M Group offers a complete service including editing, design, typesetting and illustration.


Nikki M Group has a wealth of experience in educational publishing we can bring to your project.


Ask us to help you prepare your manuscript using Microsoft Word, Equation Editor or MathType.

Common questions

How much does it cost to create a maths book?

Every project is different. The best way to get a price is to talk to us about your project so that we can provide a formal quotation.

Contact us for a formal quotation.

Can I get publishing advice?

We offer professional consultation, which is a great way to get general advice. Consultation is booked per hour and can be done in person or via video conferencing. This is conducted by one of our experienced Project Managers and, depending on your requirements, can include a designer and/or editor.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your project.

What do I need to develop a maths series?

We provide project development services to define a scope, so that you know which steps to take and what specifications are required.

Project development is a good way to work out the how, what and why, so that you know what to ask for and how to reduce costs.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your project.

Can you help to finish a mathematics publication?

We often have requests to finish a project, provide quality control or offer consultation services. This can happen for a number of reasons including skills, experience, deadlines or unforeseen circumstances.

To find out how we can help you, contact us today.

What fonts should I use for publishing mathematics?

Choosing the right fonts for publishing mathematics can be challenging. There are a number of things to consider, including design, legibility, branding, conventions, technology, workflow and software limitations. Once preferred fonts are chosen, we test the fonts to make sure they perform well.

Talk to us about creating a sample design.

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