Monster Maths


Monster Maths: Sorting Socks was developed for foundation students. The digital media project includes an animation and an interactive component.

The animation provides an introduction to groups and patterns using familiar objects:

  • learn to sort and classify objects into smaller groups
  • describe and continue a repeating pattern
  • recognition and explanation of errors.

Our services included:

  • content development
  • concept design
  • visual communication
  • storyboards
  • animatics
  • dialogue
  • sound recording.

Nikki M Group creates engaging animations and interactives to visually communicate maths concepts. We provide these services to a range of clients including publishers, startups, business and government.

Illustrated characters from mathematics animation Monster Maths. A sock has fallen from the clothesline and landed on the face of one of the characters. Another character smiles from behind a fence.

Animation was used to add humour. Here a sock falls from the clothesline onto the monster’s face.

Content development

The animation was developed for foundation students to teach them the basic concepts of classifying and grouping familiar objects. The content aligns with the Australian curriculum and is used as a teaching aid for teachers, parents and students.

Content development included:

  • creating the narrative
  • writing the script
  • editing the story.

Educational publishing

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Concept design

The concept is designed around characters who explain maths by sorting socks.

Concept design involved:

  • character design
  • illustrating scenes
  • props and assets
  • storyboarding
  • styling
  • tone and voice.

The focus during concept development was to be playful and entertaining. Humour and a second person narrative was used to connect the content in an engaging way for the audience.

Production process

Production started once the narrative was written and the conceptual idea was approved. Key stages in the production of the animation are outlined below.

  1. Storyboarding with sketches to establish the sequence.
  2. Creating an animatic in Adobe After Effects to show the time sequence.
  3. Recording dialogue in Adobe Audition.
  4. Creating digital animation assets for characters and scenes.
  5. Animating finished artwork in Adobe After Effects.
  6. Lip-syncing dialogue to illustrated characters in Adobe Character Animator.
  7. Adding sound effects and ambient noises.
  8. Rendering the final animation.

Illustrated characters from mathematics animation Monster Maths high five after successfully sorting socks on a clothesline.

Adobe Character Animator was used to lip-sync dialogue.

Fast facts

Monster Maths: Sorting Socks
Number and Algebra – Patterns and Algebra
Australian Curriculum ACMNA005
Victorian Curriculum VCMNA076, VCMNA077
Project management Content development Editing Illustration