Current Vacancies

Talented production experts

Graphic designer / Typesetter / Finished artist

Layout of educational publications for print and digital. You will need an eye for detail and excellent written communication.


Creating illustrations from simple shapes to complex information graphics. You will interpret artwork briefs and produce precise artwork. You will be required to produce illustrations to a style guide. You will need an eye for detail.

Applicants are required to submit a cover letter, convincing portfolio and resumé.

Please email your application to:


Nikki M Group is a service provider and people play a critical role in providing consistent, quality and value-adding services.

As a professional team we reward and recognise performance in:

  • design and creativity
  • technical and specialist skills
  • experience and performance
  • production and management.

We aim to reward high-achieving individuals who play an integral role in delivering an outstanding service that is efficient and productive.


Nikki M Group want to contribute to the quality and professional development of our industry. We foster talent that can be applied in production for print and digital workflows. We support training and work experience.


Nikki M Group depends on the commitment, integrity and skill of our staff. We welcome enquiries from:

  • designers
  • editors
  • typesetters
  • illustrators
  • programmers
  • developers.

If you want to make a contribution to typesetting, production and creative services contact Nikki M Group.


Our projects vary and sometimes we just need extra skills on a specific task. If you are a freelancer or a contractor be sure to send your details including:

  • location
  • skill set
  • experience
  • goals.

Nikki M Group look forward to building a professional partnership.