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With over 15 years’ publishing experience, Nikki M Group can support self-publishers to realise their publishing dream. With step-by-step guidance, authors can have confidence that their manuscript will be a beautiful book that will engage readers.

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St Stephen's Harriers—100 years: Internal pages St Stephen's Harriers—100 years: Cover
St Stephen’s Harriers: Paperback, softcover binding, printed offset.

Print management

Talk to Nikki M Group about managing the print production of your publication. By understanding your project, together we will determine:

  • format, shape and size of your book
  • paper stock and binding
  • colour management
  • printing methods such as digital or offset
  • embellishments
  • quantities.

Working with our preferred network of printers means you can:

  • source the most appropriate printer based on your unique project specifications
  • get quality printing by specialised book printers
  • save on printing costs with competitive pricing
  • have books shipped to a storage location or distributor.

Our expert advice, publishing experience and technical know-how will deliver a high-quality publication that exceeds your expectations.

Book printing

Short-run digital

Start small with short-run digital. Launch your project with a limited-edition print run and test market conditions before committing to larger volumes. Ideal for fast-tracking projects such as:

  • reports and research documents
  • guidelines and technical publications
  • training manuals
  • corporate proposals
  • presentation booklets
  • sales and marketing brochures
  • pilot projects.

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“After working with Nikki M Group for more than four years, I can confidently say that they make your job easier. I've worked with many local and overseas designers and typesetters, and none can compare to the service, attention to detail, problem solving and professionalism that Nikki M Group provides.”

Jennifer Boyce
Senior Project Manager
Pearson Australia

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